Greek gov’t in race against time to procure 1 million tests

Plans for a gradual easing of measures to contain Covid-19 will also reportedly hinge on the effort to procure about a million diagnostic tests, essential for shielding the public from a second wave of the virus in the autumn. To this end, the government is scouring the international market for test kits.

Bulgaria Starts Production of Medicines for COVID-19 Treatment

Bulgaria will start the production of the medications chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine known for treatment of malaria. There has been medical evidence that they give good results in the treatment of COVID-19. The technology has already been mastered. The components needed for the production have already been ordered. The first 5,000 packages of the drugs will be available by April 20.

Drones enlisted in mosquito war in western Greece

Satellites, drones and geographic information systems (GIS) are being deployed as part of an ambitious program to combat mosquitoes in regions of western and southwestern Greece.

The program's main goal is to safeguard public health from malaria and West Nile virus by monitoring mosquitoes and bird populations.

Health Ministry calls for implementation of mosquito control measures

The Health Ministry has sent a circular to regional authorities across the country asking them to initiate their annual mosquito control programs, calling for particular attention to be paid in areas where there have been outbreaks of malaria and West Nile virus in previous years.

Doctor dies of malaria contracted during UN mission

A doctor from Serbia's military clinic VMA has died from a grave form of malaria she contracted as a member of a UN mission in Central African Republic.

Olivera Jovanovic was admitted to the Clinic for Infective and Tropical Diseases on July 6 in a serious conditions and exhibiting signs of multiple organ failure, the Ministry of Defense announced on Tuesday.

Italian passenger under quarantine in Istanbul over Ebola suspicion

An Italian passenger has been taken into quarantine after falling ill during a flight between Kano, Nigeria and Istanbul’s Atatürk airport on Aug. 22.

The 23-year-old woman reportedly had a fever before she boarded the plane in the northern Nigerian city, but local doctors allowed her to board the Turkish Airlines flight after they diagnosed her with Malaria.