Juneyao Airlines coming to Greece

China's Juneyao Airlines plans to set up branches in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Iceland, Malaysia and Greece, the company said in a filing on Wednesday, as it ventures to Europe and Southeast Asia in a global expansion drive.
Due to foreign ownership rules, Juneyao will need to find local partners in each of the countries.

Malaysia Has Asked Residents to Help with Paying Its Huge Debt

Malaysia's sovereign debt has reached such an extent that the government has been forced to seek help from its citizens to repay it. It launched a fundraising campaign. Over 1.7 million dollars were collected in just one day, according to Business Insider.

The fund created is called Taubung Narrarn Malaysia or the Foundation for the Future. The donations are voluntary.

Najib quizzed in graft probe

Former Malaysian leader Najib Razak was questioned by anti-corruption authorities yesterday after his shock election loss, as the top graft fighter revealed he faced threats and a bullet in the post when the old regime suppressed a probe into a massive financial scandal.