Report on Tigray: 350,000 face famine, 2 million a step away

A report issued on June 10 warned that over 350,000 people in Ethiopia's Tigray province are facing famine and over 2 million are just a step away, blaming the dire situation on the ongoing conflict that has forced hundreds of thousands of people to flee, limited humanitarian access and the loss of harvests and income.

Greece’s new century

As Greece prepares to celebrate the bicentennial of the declaration of its War of Independence next month, the country is also poised to enter a new era in its economic development as a modern nation-state.

Online campaign to save malnourished lions at Sudan park

Online calls grew on Jan. 19 to help save five "malnourished and sick" African lions held at a park in Sudan's capital, with some demanding the creatures be shifted to a better habitat.

The five lions are held in cages at Khartoum's Al-Qureshi Park in an upscale district of the capital, but for weeks now they have been suffering from shortages of food and medicine.