Antalya zoo home to newborn species

With the arrival of spring, the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Zoo and Wildlife Park has welcomed 150 new babies of different species. Among them are zebra, mountain goat, and lemur.

One of the largest zoos in Turkey with vast natural habitats and a growing population, the Antalya Zoo is home to 1,580 animals of 140 species.

Whale Stuck in London's Themes River Freed

The health of a whale that was freed after getting stuck in London's River Thames was failing on Monday, with rescuers reporting the sea mammal was "not really going anywhere" and could be euthanised.

The small Minke whale, believed to be up to 4 metres long, was first seen at Richmond Lock Bridge, south-west London, late on Sunday.

Two friends save life of severely injured lab rabbit

Two friends from the Aegean province of Aydın have adopted a rabbit who endured the trauma and physical scars it suffered in a laboratory conducting experiments on animals in a bid to save its life.

The rabbit's ears were cut off and two legs were severely damaged due to laboratory experiments conducted on it.

Caracal photographed in Muğla

A caracal, which is in danger of extinction, has been photographed by motion-triggered camera, placed by in the field by Yasin İlemin, an academic in the western province of Muğla.

İlemin, who named the wild cat "Timur," shared its photo on his social media account, drawing great interest.

Population of endangered mountain gazelles in Turkey grows

The number of the endangered mountain gazelles, also known as "Gazella gazellas," in the southern province of Hatay, is growing, while the species' population in the world is dwindling, local authorities said on Jan. 21.

With the latest spotting, the population of the mountain gazelles has gone up by 23 percent in a year from 925 and reached 1,141.