South America native coypu floating in Edirne rivers

A semi-aquatic, rat-like creature has been spotted in Turkey's northwestern province of Edirne far from its native South America.

Farmers in Edirne complain that coypu, considered an invasive species, have come to the region through the Maritsa and Tundzha rivers when Bulgarian officials opened reservoir gates due to flooding risk.

Locals deploy cat houses for winter

A local neighborhood head has built many cat houses to help the felines survive the winter.

Mehmet Özcan, the head of the Yaşamkent neighborhood in the Black Sea province of Bolu, has put 17 cat houses around to sustain the lives of cats in this cold winter season.

Bolu, housing the famous Kartalkaya ski center, is known for its harsh winter conditions.

99 Illegal Pigs, Hidden by their Owners, Were Killed in Aheloy

Officials of the Regional Food Safety Directorate (RFSD) - Burgas have slaughtered 99 pigs, hidden by their owners, said the press office of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Water. Following a tip-off about free-ranging pigs in the Panaya area between the towns of Aheloy and Kableshkovo, a spot-check was carried out.