Yugoslav-Era Admiral, Ally of Tito, Dies of COVID-19

Former Yugoslav Navy Fleet Admiral Branko Mamula in 1977. Photo: Private archive of Branko Mamula.

Born into a Serb family in Croatia in 1921, Mamula became a member of the Communist Party in his youth. At the start of Yugoslavia's involvement in World War II in 1941, he joined the Partisan resistance movement led by Josip Broz Tito.

Investor Pledges to Guard Mamula Fort Heritage

The Swiss-Egyptian investor in the controversial plans to turn former prison camp into a hotel, has insisted it will preserve the camp's hertage.

Orascom company pledged that the 15 million euro project to convert the Mamula fort into a luxury resort will fully respect the history of the now largely-abandoned site.

WWII Nazi concentration camp to be turned into luxury vacation resort

A WWII Nazi concentration camp on the island of Mamula where prisoners were tortured and starved will be transformed into a luxury resort which will include a nightclub and spa.

The island is located near Montenegro’s border with Croatia in the Adriatic Sea at the entrance of the Bay of Kotor. Its formal name is Lastavica, but it is widely known as Mamula.

Montenegro MPs Block Resort Plan for Old Fort

A parliamentary committee on Wednesday refused to support government plans to lease out the island of Lastavica and the Mamula fort in Boka Bay, which opposition parties have slated as a corrupt deal.

The proposal to offer the Austro-Hungarian fortress to a private firm to turn into a luxury tourist complex received the support of the ruling Democratic Party of Socialists.