Man-made disasters

Hellenic Train to pay families of rail crash victims, injured passengers

Hellenic Train, whose train crashed in a head-on collision with a freighter on Feb. 28, killing 57 people on board, announced on Wednesday it will make advance payments to the families of the victims and to the passengers injured in the crash in Tempe, to cover their immediate financial needs.

Afghan shepherds in Tunceli dream of home

In Turkish mountains so high the silver clouds almost touch the top of his head, the homesick Afghan shepherd prepares his baaing flock for a good shear.

The locals in the eastern province of Tunceli's Mercan Valley have been gradually replaced by Afghans, who fled here by foot and truck across Iran from the poverty and bloodshed back home.

US extradites man behind deadly Reyhanlı attacks

The United States has extradited Mehmet Gezer, who gave the order for the Reyhanlı attacks that killed some 52 civilians in 2013, to Türkiye.

The U.S. police officers delivered the druglord, sought with red notice with different 17 charges, to Turkish police upon their arrival at Istanbul Airport on June 30.