Evangelos Marinakis on CPLP’s bond listing at the Athens Stock Exchange: “Green investments are the future”

"We have been engaged with financial markets since 2007 when we were first listed in New York at the Nasdaq stock exchange. Since then we have paid more than $800 million in dividends to our investors" Evangelos Marinakis, the Founder and President of Capital Maritime & Trading Corp. said today, on the occasion of the listing of CPLP's bond on the Athens Stock Exchange (ATHEX).

Olympiakos and Atromitos face relegation for match fixing

Olympiakos and Atromitos are threatened with relegation, while their owner Evangelos Marinakis and Giorgos Spanos, Portuguese coach Ricardo Sa Pinto and a dozen others are threatened with very serious sanctions, all for corruption and match fixing in Greek soccer, according to a report on Athens radio station Sport FM.

Marinakis stresses need for national unity on Greek Independence Day

Olympiacos FC chief Evangelos Marinakis stressed the importance of national unity at a critical juncture in the nation's history at which it faces multiple tough challenges.

In a message marking the celebration of Greek Independence Day, which is also his name day, Marinakis expressed confidence that Greece will emerge victorious from the Coronavirus pandemic.

Marinakis to Grammenos: «You have been doing anything that Savvidis was telling you for such a long time and now you’ve become sensitive?»

The big loser of the meeting between the Big 4, of FIFA / UEFA and Lefteris Avgenakis was none other than Vangelis Grammenos. The EPO's president was marginalized and confronted by everyone.

Grammenos was marginalized by Savvides himself, who left his «own» Federation president unveiled.

Marinakis’ Nottingham Forest donate

When Evangelos Marinakis took over Nottingham Forest FC he set as goal the return of the club to the Premiere League but also its closer connection with local community, in the form of intense charity action by the Club, action which will support the people living in that area. These have been two goals that Marinakis has been striving with all his resources to accomplish.