Maritime transport

The Island of St. Anastasia is Open for Visitors once again

The only inhabitable Bulgarian island of St. Anastasia opens today for the most eager to visit it, but with certain security measures due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The museum on the island will remain closed, and only the open spaces and the Church will be available to guests, reported.

Aegean ferries to lose 20 mln in one month

The 22 large ferries still providing coastal shipping services across the Aegean Sea are suffering daily losses of 660,000 euros, market experts note.

These losses have come to a total of 20 million euros in just one month for the ferry operators, and will rise to 40 million if this situation continues - as expected - for two months.

Cruise ship with 375 passengers docks in resort town Kuşadası

A Malta-flagged cruise ship which has carried 375 tourists from the Greek island of Rhodes to the popular Turkish resort town of Kuşadası, one of the important centers of Turkish tourism, has docked.

Some 375 tourists, mostly U.S. citizens, who came disembarked the cruise, entered the country, after undergoing thermal camera control, a precaution against the coronavirus.

Shipping frets over fuel rules

The shipping industry appears particularly concerned with the new regulations whose introduction the International Maritime Organization is considering ahead of reaching the target of zero-carbon fuel by 2050, the 11th Annual Capital Link Greek Shipping Forum heard on Thursday in Athens.