Market liquidity

United Group is ready to buy Forthnet loans, but sets terms

The signing of the sale contracts for 350 million euros of Forthnet's loans from the creditor banks to United Group appears to be just a matter of days, banking sources tell Kathimerini.
This is also confirmed by sources at British equity fund BC Partners, which is United's parent group.

Halkidiki gold mine sees output 
jump by more than 50 percent

Hellas Gold recorded its best quarterly production in a year-and-a-half at Halkidiki in central Macedonia in the January-March 2020 period, according to provisional figures released by parent company Eldorado Gold last week.
The Canadian group's subsidiary in Greece produced 15,181 ounces of gold at the Olympiada gold mines, up 53 percent from about 9,900 a year earlier.

Solidarity in crisis

The idea of a joint borrowing tool to help Europe get back on its feet and reboot the economies of its member-states after the devastating impact of the coronavirus pandemic is extremely important.