Market structure

INACO's Andreea Paul: Operating budget, not development one, it completely lacks human perspective

The current year budget is an operating not a development one, and it completely lacks the human perspective, chairwoman of the Competitiveness Initiative (INACO) Andreea Paul stated in a debate about the budget on Tuesday. "The human perspective is completely missing from this solely operating budget.

Plenty of growth prospects seen in online food orders

Food delivery is a 1.5-billion-euro business in Greece. Of that, online orders account for 20 percent of the market, or 300 million euros.

The online delivery business is an oligopoly. The market is currently controlled by two businesses, the German-based Online Delivery and the Patra, Greece-based Delivery.

Government aims to fast-forward reforms; talks with creditors to be tough

First, the good news: The government is on a mission to brief our eurozone partners, the other European Union members and our creditors on its plans to boost growth and its intentions to fast-forward long-stagnant reforms by cutting back on excessive spending and pushing privatizations, and then, and only then, present its demands.

Failed Privatisation is to Blame for Bosnians’ Exodus

Looking back at the politics of economic transformation, and especially at the privatization of state-owned enterprises, the process was highly politicized and non-transparent. It was accompanied by corruption scandals, clientelism and ethnic-political struggles, characterised by the distribution of power according to the ethnic divisions in the country.