Retail stores looking forward to Black Friday on Nov. 25, welcome end of interim sales

'Black Friday', the next retail sales, will take place on November 25 this year and will include major offers, market representatives said, who also welcomed the end of the interim sales that used to take place in the beginning of November.

Netflix to debut subscription with advertisements

Netflix on Oct. 13 said a subscription option subsidized by ads will debut in November across a dozen countries as the streaming service strives to jumpstart stalled growth.

Netflix reported a loss of 970,000 subscribers in the second quarter along with stagnant profits, and its share price is down 63 percent from this time last year despite rising slightly on the ad-tier news.

Women in Leadership

By Dr Pierre Casse, IEDC Professor and Elnura Irmatova, IEDC Research Assistan Purpose "I believe in collective intelligence." Ilham Kadri CEO of the Solvay Multinational Corporation The main purpose of this paper is not to examine the need to have more women in leadership positions (Public and private sectors) because the answer is obvious. Well… is it so obvious?

Bulgarian Ruja Ignatova is in the Top 10 of the FBI's Most Wanted

The Bulgarian Ruja Ignatova is the latest addition to the top 10 of the FBI's most wanted persons. The "Crypto Queen" - as she is also called by the media, is also the only lady on the list.

The FBI announced a reward of 100 thousand dollars for information that could lead to the arrest of Ruja Ignatova.