Marmara Region

Court rules Kavala stay in jail in Gezi Park trial

An Istanbul court on Jan. 28 ruled that Osman Kavala, a businessman and philanthropist, to remain in custody in Gezi Park trial.

The next hearing will take place on Feb. 18 in Istanbul.

Kavala, who funded civil society projects across the country, was detained in 2017 on charges of seeking to overthrow the government.

Work starts on high-speed metro to Istanbul Airport

Construction began on Jan. 18 on a new high-speed metro line connecting the heart of Istanbul to the new mega-Istanbul Airport.

The new line, set to be finished in August 2021, will whisk passengers from Gayrettepe, in Şişli, on the Turkish metropolis' European side, to the new airport in just 35 minutes.

Istanbul Municipality expropriates horse-drawn carriages on Princes’ Islands

Following the killing of 81 horses due to an outbreak of glanders on Dec. 19 in Büyükada, the largest of Istanbul's nine Princes' Islands, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has decided to buy 277 registered horse-drawn carriage plates and the horses in Adalar district.

One more body found days after Bosphorus crash

Body of another fisher was found on Jan. 14 days after three crew members of a Turkish fishing boat went missing in a collision in Istanbul's Bosphorus Strait.

"Body of I.D., one of the missing fishers, has been recovered [from the sea]," the Office of Istanbul Governor said in a statement.

His body was recovered from some 77-meter (252 feet) depth.

Canal Istanbul can generate $1 bln from passing ships annually: Minister

A mega-project to build a canal through Istanbul, Turkey, will provide safe passage to 185 ships daily, compared to 118-125 ships through Bosphorus Strait, Turkey's transport minister said on Jan. 13.

"An estimated total of $1 billion per year will be collected from ships passing through Canal Istanbul," Cahit Turhan told Anadolu Agency.

Storm hits Istanbul, plane skids off airport runway

Heavy rain and strong winds hit Istanbul, disrupting transportation and causing congestion during the morning and evening rush hours on Jan. 7.  

The roofs of buildings flew off due to the strong wind in the Beşiktaş, Şişli, Kadıköy and Zeytinburnu districts.   

The storm blew the roof of an abandoned building in the historic Balat neighborhood, falling onto a street.  

Hollywood star visits historic Grand Bazaar

Academy Award-winning Hollywood star Michael Douglas visited Istanbul's historic Grand Bazaar on Jan. 5.

The 75-year-old actor was accompanied by his children Dylan, 19, and Carys, 16, during the Istanbul tour.

The Hollywood couple, award-wining actress Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Douglas are in Istanbul to celebrate their 20th anniversary of marriage.

Russian naval cruiser casts anchor in Bosphorus due to 'bad weather'

A Russian naval cruiser had to cast anchor due to strong currents and bad weather in Istanbul's Bosphorus Strait on Jan. 6, according to a Turkish security source.

The Slava-class Marshal Ustinov anchored off the neighborhood of Moda, on Istanbul's Asian side, since conditions did not allow for it to dock, said the source.

Ankara welcomes 2020's first snowfall

The General Directorate of Meteorology has announced that snowfall expected in the high parts of Ankara province.

Ankara woke up with cold and snowy weather on Jan. 6 and snowfall in the high parts of the city accelerated.

An official statement has not yet been made as to whether there is a snow holiday for schools in Ankara.