Marmara Region

Academic completes dangerous open-water swim route

An academic of a Turkish university has swum for 15 hours in the 34-kilometer Catalina Channel, which stretches between Santa Catalina Island and Los Angeles in the United States.

Raha Akhavan Tabatabaei, an academic from Sabancı University, successfully reached her goal by swimming the track, known as the world's one of the most dangerous open-water swim routes.

250-year-old inn in Istanbul to be restored

A 250-year-old inn, located in the Galata neighborhood of Istanbul's Beyoğlu district, which once hosted the headquarter of the Ottoman Bank, will be restored due to a protocol signed between the metropolitan municipality and the Bahçeşehir Uğur Education Foundation.

The St. Pierre Inn will be converted into a cultural and arts center after the restoration.

Marmara Sea getting warmer due to global warming, pollution

The upper layers of the waters of Marmara Sea are getting warmer due to global warming and pollution, an expert has warned.

Speaking at an organization in the northwestern province of Edirne, hydro-biologist Mehmet Levent Artüz stressed the dangers the Marmara Sea will face in the near future in a presentation named "The Climate Crisis and the Seas."

Swordfish caught in Istanbul Strait after 50 years

Fishermen have caught a swordfish in Istanbul's Bosphorus Strait after approximately half a century since it was last seen in Turkish waters.

"It is good news to learn that an endangered species is seen in Istanbul Strait," Nuray Erkan, a professor from Istanbul University's Hydrology Faculty, told the daily Milliyet on Oct. 15.

Rising sea levels may submerge parts of Istanbul by 2060: US climatologists

The coastal map of Istanbul will change and most of the places along the Bosphorus Strait will be underwater in around four decades, according to a report by a U.S.-based climate organization.

"Seawater will move in around 2 kilometers to the districts located by the Bosphorus," Climate Central said.

History being rewritten at train station in Istanbul

History is being rewritten with archaeological excavations at Haydarpaşa Train Station in Istanbul's Kadıköy district, which was known as Chalcedon (the Land of the Blind) in ancient times.

The excavations, which have been continuing for nearly three years, shed light on the history of Kadıköy from the 5th century BC to the early era of the Turkish Republic.