Martial arts

4 Ways Martial Arts Change Your Life For The Better

Partaking in martial arts is a great way to boost many facets of your health, helping to improve your physical and mental wellbeing.

Many people yearn for a healthy lifestyle and governments even try to introduce legislation for it, but demands on their time often make it difficult to keep on top of a fitness regime.

Romania's Cheru and Zaharia, European champions at the Kata European Judo Championships

Romanian judokas Alina Cheru and Alina Zaharia won the gold medal in the Ju No Kata event at the Kata European Judo Championships in Grand Canaria (Spain). Cheru and Zaharia ranked 1st with 401.5 points in the Ju No Kata event, followed by Mathieu Coulon/Carole Heras (France) with 396.5 points and Mariano Arroyo Martin/Garcia Pozo Juan Manuel (Spain) with 394.5 points.

Jerome Brown wins main event at Karate Combat Final in Athens

Karate Combat, the first mainstream, professional, full-contact karate league, held its second major event from Athens last Saturday.

The "Olympus" event featured five knockouts and won technical knockouts, with the UK's Jerome Brown winning over Davy Dona of France with a TKO in the main event.