Vaccinated Small Business Personnel without Mandatory Masks from Today

As of today, vaccinated employees against COVID-19 will not be required to wear masks at their workplaces, according to an Order by Health Minister Stoycho Katsarov signed on Tuesday (July 6th).

However, this Order revoked same relief for cured employees who were ill and they should continue to wear masks.

Disposable Covid Masks – New Environmental Challenge

Researchers in Australia want to transform single-use Covid masks into road material. In the United States, the protective gear is recycled into benches. And in France, they are reborn as floor carpets for cars.

Used to curb the spread of Covid-19, masks are exacerbating another pandemic: plastic pollution.

Pandemic’s Another Face – Disposable Masks Spark Surge in Global Ocean Pollution

These shocking images show the devastating impact throwaway facemasks are having on the health of our oceans after washing up among coral reefs in a diver's paradise.

The coronavirus pandemic has sparked a surge in pollution, adding to the glut of plastic waste that is already threatening marine life with masks floating like jellyfish and waterlogged gloves scattered across seabeds.