Pandemic’s Another Face – Disposable Masks Spark Surge in Global Ocean Pollution

These shocking images show the devastating impact throwaway facemasks are having on the health of our oceans after washing up among coral reefs in a diver's paradise.

The coronavirus pandemic has sparked a surge in pollution, adding to the glut of plastic waste that is already threatening marine life with masks floating like jellyfish and waterlogged gloves scattered across seabeds.

Ceramic artist makes porcelain masks

A Turkish ceramics artist is making face masks using porcelain to raise awareness against the novel coronavirus.

Firdevs v, a lecturer in the ceramics and glass department at Kastamonu University in northern Turkey, told Anadolu Agency she decided to draw attention to difficulties with the virus through art after her parents, brother and sister were infected with COVID-19.

How the Face-Mask Became a Symbol of Czechia’s ‘Model Minority’

The Czech Republic has Europe's third-largest Vietnamese diaspora, after France and Germany. In a society that has not seen the kind of large-scale immigration commonplace in western Europe, citizens and residents of Vietnamese origin, clustered around large Czech cities, make up one of the most visible minorities.

Experts considering double mask to help protect against Covid-19

The team of health experts advising the government on how to deal with the pandemic is mulling whether to propose wearing well-fitting face masks or two masks to help curb the Covid-19 pandemic, a member of the team said Thursday.

Achilleas Gkikas, a pathology professor, told Skai TV that the committee is discussing the use of a double mask by the public but it would be optional.

Doctors: Best Mask Is the One Worn Properly and Consistently

When it comes to protecting yourself against new coronavirus variants, two masks may be better than one.

A number of politicians, including Vice President Kamala Harris and Senator Mitt Romney, have been spotted doubling up on face masks, and top infectious disease expert Anthony Fauci has recommended that everyday Americans do the same.