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The US State Department with a Project Against Disinformation in Bulgaria

The US State Department is donating a 900,000-dollar grant to help Bulgarian society acquire skills to distinguish between false information and disinformation. The project was presented yesterday afternoon in Sofia. The event coincided with the visit of the Deputy Secretary for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs at the US State Department, Elizabeth Allen.

Germany's Newspaper “Bild” will replace Staff with AI

Europe's best-selling newspaper, German tabloid "Bild" plans to replace a number of editorial positions with artificial intelligence as part of a €100m cost-cutting program, Britain's "Guardian" reported, citing emails sent to the paper's staff. The group will also reorganize its business with regional newspapers, which will lead to hundreds of redundancies in total.

The Bulgarian National Television now has a News Program in Ukrainian

From the 19th of June, BNT (Bulgarian National Television) started broadcasting a news program "Around the world and in our country" in Ukrainian.

The broadcasts in Ukrainian can be watched online - on the BNT website and on social networks.

The anchor of the news is Maria Plachkova.

Erdoğan Demirören remembered on his death anniversary

Prominent Turkish industrialist and businessman Erdoğan Demirören, who was the founder of Demirören Holding, which is one of Türkiye's largest conglomerates, has been commemorated on the fifth anniversary of his death.

On June 8, 2018, Demirören lost his life in a hospital in Istanbul, where he received treatment for respiratory failure for a while at the age of 80.

Tanjug signs contract with Cyprus's CNA

BELGRADE - Serbia's Tanjug News Agency and the Cypriot news agency CNA on Tuesday signed a contract on inter-agency cooperation.

After signing the contract during a Zoom session, Tacno Director Manja Grcic said cooperation with European and global news agencies was very important for Tanjug.

Tacno is the holder of the Tanjug trademarks.

A British reporter had a big #MeToo scoop. Her editor killed It

Inside The Financial Times newsroom this winter, one of its star investigative reporters, Madison Marriage, had a potentially explosive scoop involving another newspaper.

A prominent left-wing columnist, Nick Cohen, had resigned from Guardian News & Media, and Marriage had evidence that his departure followed years of unwanted sexual advances and groping of female journalists.