WWF Hellas warns of failings after Mati disaster

A smiling boy is depicted in a mural at the 1st Primary School of Rafina, in a photograph released Thursday. The mural is dedicated to the 103 people who died in disastrous wildfires that ravaged Mati and other parts of eastern Attica last July. In a statement Thursday, conservation group WWF Hellas pointed to dangerous shortfalls in the country's forest fire protection system.

Attica regional governor election ad sparks controversy

A political ad by SYRIZA's Rena Dourou, who is running for re-election as Attica regional governor, sparked a public outcry as it showed her speaking against a backdrop of images from the devastating wildfires in eastern Attica that led to the deaths of more than 100 people.

Dourou has come under fire since the tragedy, as it happened under her watch as regional governor.

The voices of duty

The harrowing voices of people who were trapped in the seaside Attica town of Mati during the deadly blaze of 2018 cause despair over the state of the civil protection mechanism.

Nothing but noise

The wounds from last summer's deadly wildfires in eastern Attica are still very fresh. We can still hear the echoes of ministers' promises to bring out the demolition crews to tear down illegal structures on the country's coasts like those that contributed to the loss of life in the seaside town of Mati.

Expert committee report on wildfires provokes criticism

A day after an independent committee of experts issued a damning report on the state's response to wildfires over the years, a retired fire service officer who compiled a separate report into last summer's disastrous fire in eastern Attica said the committee should have focused on the causes of the July blaze which killed 100 people.