'Sexual abuse' draft law seeks harsh penalties for minors: University professor

A new draft law over cases of sexual abuse against children is problematic, as minors under the age of 15 could also receive a sentence of eight to 15 years for engaging in sexual acts with each other, according to Istanbul University Prof. Dr. Adem Sözüer.

Man gets record 132-year jail sentence for blackmailing teenager into having sex

A man has received a record 132-year jail sentence for blackmailing a 14-year-old girl into having sexual intercourse with him. The court has also sentenced two of the man’s friends, who faced the same accusation, to 39 and 52 years in jail respectively.

Survey sheds light on severity of Turkey’s child marriage problem

A recent survey carried out by the Women’s Research Center at Ankara’s Gazi University has shed light on the severity of the problem of child marriages in Turkey, with many girls forced into marriages to “cover up sexual abuse,” daily Cumhuriyet reported on Jan. 21.

How much sex does it take to be happy?

An active sex life is important to couples’ happiness, and they don’t have to go at it like rabbits: Those who make love once a week are happiest, a new study suggests.
More frequent sex isn’t a buzzkill for a relationship. It just doesn’t pack the same punch, Canadian researchers reported in the Nov. 18 journal Social Psychological and Personality Science.

Outrage over AKP motion said to let abusers avoid prosecution if they marry child victim

Men guilty of sexually abuse of children may avoid being prosecuted if they get married to the victim, according to a controversial motion proposed by members of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) that has been harshly criticized by opposition parties.