Porcelain works reflect on ‘Habitat’ exhibition

As an artist, Melis Buyruk uses her material very meticulously and effectively. Her works are a proof of real detailed works full of mastership. However, not only her way of using material is a great detail about her art, but also her way of thinking about nature, life and all living organisms is such a gift for the viewer.

A Man Doused Himself with Gasoline in in front of the British Parliament

A man with a lighter has been detained outside the UK's Parliament after covering himself in what appeared to be gasoline, London's Metropolitan Police said, quoted by the CNN.

Police have closed the famous Carriage Gate of parliament.

An unidentified man was reportedly arrested after spilling gasoline. Photos from the event show a man standing against a wall near the gates.

Around 10% of Sofia Citizens do not Use Cars in Days with High Levels of Air Pollution

Some 10% of Sofia citizens do not use their cars in days with high levels of fine particulate matter, Mayor of Sofia Yordanka Fandakova said during the official opening of the second edition of the European Air Quality Conference - SOFAIR, Focus News Agency reports.

Three men sent to prosecutor over stolen ancient grave stele

Three men are expected to appear before a prosecutor after their arrest near Athens on Tuesday for illegal possession of an ancient marble grave stele.
The three suspects - aged 44, 43 and 36 - had hidden the Hellenistic era stele in an olive grove in the suburb of Spata, east of Athens.