Maya Manolova

Maya Manolova: Borissov Wants to Stay in Power for Life

Boyko Borissov insists on convening the Grand National Assembly to remain prime minister for life, wrote leader of "Stand" Maya Manolova on Facebook commenting on the today's proposal of the Prime Minister to convene the Grand National Assembly.

In her words, it's the second time that Borissov uses the Constitution as a means for him to stay in power.

Parallel vote count at 100% by Alpha Research: GERB-UDF win 25.2% of the votes; “There Is Such a People” comes second with 17.1%

Parallel vote count at 100% by Alpha Research polling agency shows that Boyko Borrisov's GERB-Union of Democratic Forces coalition has won 25.2% share of the votes in Bulgaria's parliamentary elections, held on April 4.

The party of the TV presenter, Slavi Trifonov "There is Such a People" is second with 17.1%.

Bulgaria’s Fragmented Opposition Hopes to Ride Wave of Discontent

The election will pose a major test of the ruling coalition after much criticism and last year's mass protests against corruption, shrinking media freedoms and questionable populist moves, such as the decision to block North Macedonia's progress towards EU membership.

All You Have to Know about the Upcoming General Election in Bulgaria

On April 4,the most important elections for the people will be held, namely the parliamentary elections, on which it depends who will govern Bulgaria for the next four years. Although President Rumen Radev set by decree a relatively early date for holding the vote, given the coronavirus pandemic, it meets the legal requirements.

Bulgaria on Election Eve: Political Leaders, Medical Professionals Are Key Election Runners in Major Cities

According to the lists of registered party candidates for the upcoming general election on April 4, the race in Sofia's 25th multi-member constituency and in Plovdiv will be between party leaders, while many candidates in Sofia's 23rd constituency will be doctors of medicine.

Maya Manolova: Borissov Costs Bulgaria BGN 1 Billion Due to Delayed Vaccination

In the remaining 10 weeks, until the change of government, Borissov will cost 1 billion euros. management decision not to purchase EUR 3 million. covid-19 vaccines. According to economists, Bulgaria's economy is currently losing 100 million euros every week due to vaccination delay.

Bulgaria: Manolova and Poisonous Trio Will Run for Election Together

Maya Manolova and Nikolay Hadzhigenov signed an agreement to run together for the parliamentary elections next year. Thus, the partnership obetween the Stand up.BG platform and Poisonous Trio becomes official. During the event, two of the three informal organizers of the anti-government protests were absent - PR expert Armand Babikyan and sculptor Velislav Minekov.