Mayors of Belgrade

October 5 – (un)forgotten

Almost two decades seem to have eaten all the ties that the October 5th spirit has barely held on to, in recent years. The day before this year's October 5th, there were no announcements, no reminders, not even statements by the former main actors of Milosevic's downfall.

Serbian Finance Minister Resigns Citing Personal Reasons

Serbian Finance Minister Dusan Vujovic filed his resignation on Monday, saying that the four years he spent in the government is "quite enough for a man to prove himself in a public office". 

Serbian media have widely speculated that Vujovic will be replaced by the current mayor of Belgrade, Sinisa Mali, who is leaving his position after being caught up in several scandals.

Leader of Democrats set to resign

The party, that in the past gave several mayors, including Zoran Djindjic, now won 2.25 percent of the vote (18,286 votes) and will not be represented in the Assembly.

Previously, Balsa Bozovic, who headed the Belgrade board of the party and its campaign for the election, also resigned.

Who will be Belgrade's next mayor?

The mayor will be elected by the new City Assembly, that the voters in Belgrade chose on March 4.

Serbian President and SNS leader Aleksandar Vucic, whose ticket won 44.99 percent of the vote, said on Monday that the mayor will be known "in about 50 days."

In the meantime, the media speculate about who might take this "hot seat."

Mihailovic to top list of movement for renewal of kingdom

BELGRADE - Former Belgrade mayor Vojislav Mihailovic will appear first on the electoral list of the Movement for Renewal of the Kingdom of Serbia (POKS) for the upcoming local elections in the capital, the organisation said in a statement.

The POKS list will be headed by Predrag Markovic, a former Serbian parliament speaker.

DS, New Party to run together in Belgrade elections

BELGRADE - The Democratic Party (DS) and the New Party will form a coalition for the upcoming local elections in Belgrade.

At Friday's joint press conference with Vesna Rakic Vodinelic, president of the New Party Council, DS leader Dragan Sutanovac, who will run for mayor, announced Vodinelic would head the coalition's electoral list.