Five Measles Cases Registered in the Area of Kyustendil

Two measles outbreaks have been registered in the region of Kyustendil, the Regional Health Inspection - Kyustendil told Focus Radio - Kyustendil. One outbreak is in the town of Bobov Dol, with three sick people, and the other one is in Dupnitsa with two sick people. For the past week, the measles cases in the area are nine.

Six New Cases of Measles Registered in Kyustendil Area for the Past Week

Six new cases of measles have been registered on the territory of Kyustendil region for the past week, Surveillance of Contagious Diseases Directorate, Regional Health Inspection - Kyustendil, told Focus Radio, Kyustendil. The first case of the disease was established in March. For April, cases have increased by another six, and last week there were six new cases of measles.

Seven Cases of Measles Confirmed in Burgas

Seven were the measles cases found in Burgas, confirmed for Darik the health inspectorate. Only two new cases have been registered in the last week of April, it is clear from the RHI bulletin.

The first case of measles for this year in the area was from early March.

What the general country report shows - in Bulgaria, the cases of the disease are well over 120.

Nearly 500 Measles Cases in Bulgaria

There have been 497 cases of measles on the territory of Bulgaria as of April 24. The outbreak in Blagoevgrad Province is fading, but it is growing in Sofia-city and Sofia Province, writes NOVA TV. 

Each year the state allocates BGN 40 million to implement the immunization calendar, which is identical to those of other European countries.