During Pandemic Bulgarians Eat More Fruit and Less Bread and Sausages

During the pandemic caused by COVID-19, Bulgarians eat more fruits at the expense of bread, pasta, processed meat and sugar. This is according to the data from a survey on consumption of staple food products for the fourth quarter of 2020, provided by the National Statistical Institute, BGNES reported.

Bill Gates: All Wealthy Nations Should Switch to Synthetic Meats

During the 1990s, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates picked up a bad boy reputation for taking a hard line in the company's antitrust spat with the United States government.

But for decades since stepping away from the software giant, Gates has rebranded as a philanthropist and policy advocate for humanitarian and policy issues including public health, climate change, and hunger.

The BFSA has Identified Two Shipments of Poultry Meat from Poland with Salmonella

The Bulgarian Food Safety Authority (BFSA) has identified two shipments of frozen chicken legs from Poland for Bulgaria contaminated with salmonella. The total quantity is 32 350 kg. The meat is banned and is not allowed to be traded on the Bulgarian market.

All is One | Athens | To March 14

The Black Duck Multiplarte gallery presents a solo exhibition by psychologist and painter Mari Prouzou. An allegory on life and the human soul, "All is One" redefines notions such as beauty, youth, and the gradual loss of abilities, in soft but colorful depictions of flowers, birds and butterflies. Admission is free of charge and opening hours daily 1-9 p.m.