Meat industry

City Court in South Korea Ruled it was illegal to Kill Dogs for Meat

A South Korean city court has outlawed the killing of dogs for meat, in a potentially landmark ruling that animal rights activists said Thursday could pave the way for making canine eating illegal.

The meat has long been a part of South Korean cuisine, with about one million dogs believed to be eaten annually.

The Bulgarian Ministry of Agriculture is Developing New Food Requirements

New rules on foodstuffs are being developed by the Ministry of Agriculture, Nova TV reported. The goal is to avoid the double standard. The draft provisions provide for the exact meat content of sausages to be described. Wieners, for example, must have at least 50% meat. Similar will be the requirements for kielabasi and other types of sausages.

The Bulgarian Branch of Lidl Introduces New Kielbasa and Sausage Standards

The Bulgarian division of the German company Lidl introduces new higher standards for the quality of the sausage from their own brand that they offer. All sausages from the Pikok, Baroni and Dulano brands, as well as from the "Rodna Stryha" product line, are now produced without the use of mechanically separated meat, which reduces the use of improvers and thickeners, the company said.