Meat industry

The Bulgarian Food Safety Agency Denies that Meat with Antibiotics Reaches Consumers

Bulgarian meat is among the most contaminated with antibiotics in the EU according to the seventh annual report of the European Medicines Agency on the sale of antibiotics for animals in 30 European countries in 2015. According to the report in Bulgaria, 1 kg of live weight averages 121 milligrams antibiotic, making it the eighth highest European antibiotic rating.

Greek Police: “Guard butcher shops, pet shops, fur shops & zoos”!


The Greek police HQs has called a general alert ordering the guarding of…butcher shops, pet shops, shops that sell furs and zoos! This means that apart from protecting the citizens of this country from all kinds of criminals, now the police officers must guard sites like these as well!

Abattoirs de Thessalonique | Thessaloniki | To April 20

The French Institute in Thessaloniki is hosting "Abattoirs de Thessalonique - Un Quartier de Palimpseste," an exhibition of works by 21 Greek photographers who were sent out to explore the changes in the western area of the northern port city that served as the central slaughterhouse and meat-packing district up until a few years ago. The show runs through April 20.

Turkish board starts to offer carcass meat to butchers for lower prices to ease price hikes

Turkey's Meat and Milk Board (ESK) started offering carcass meat for cheaper prices to butchers and delicatessens to ease increases in red meat prices as of March 27. 

The authority will supply a kilogram of meat to delicatessens for 20.5 Turkish Liras and 22.5 liras to butchers. VAT will be included in the base prices.