Meat industry

Hike in Turkish meat prices, imports trigger debates

Meat prices in Turkey have begun spiraling upward, with the state-run Meat and Milk Board (ESK) being forced to import high amounts of meat amid promises of further purchases despite reaction from private businesses. 

The ESK launched a tender to buy 3,200 tons of frozen meat on Aug. 5, announcing that the purchases would continue until the Feast of Sacrifice on Sept. 24.

Protest of dissatisfied farmers ends

BELGRADE - Dissatisfied farmers ended their protest in the territory of Srem, Macva and Banat on Friday and left a week-long deadline for the Serbian government to implement the agreed measures.

Dissatisfied farmers organised protest rides and cattle breeders blocked the Sabac-Loznica road in eastern Serbia.

Three quarters of Serbian farms active in livestock breeding

BELGRADE - A total of 77.5 agricultural holdings in the Republic of Serbia are engaged in livestock breeding, shows the data released on Monday by the Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia (RZS).

As many as 99.9 percent out of 489,364 farms engaged in livestock breeding are family-owned agricultural holdings.