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Turkey’s ‘Disinformation’ Law Will Devastate Media Freedom, Experts Predict

A protester blows a whistle and holds a slogan by Amnesty International reading, 'Free media cannot be silenced' near the Turkish embassy in Berlin, May 3, 2017. Photo: EPA/CLEMENS BILAN

The so-called disinformation law will increase government control and censorship in media and social media platforms, Orhan Sener, head of the Journalists' Union of Turkey's academy, said.

Turkish Parliament to go to recess

A senior ruling party official has said that the Turkish Parliament will go to recess on July 1 until Oct. 1.

"The Parliament will go to recess on July 1 after the completion of pending legislative affairs on the approval of additional budget and academic amnesty," deputy parliamentary group leader of the Justice and Development Party (AKP) Mahir Ünal told reporters on late June 28.

Internet Freedoms in Turkey Continue to Deteriorate: Report

Photo illustration: Pixabay/Kaboompics

The Free Web Turkey 2021 Annual Report funded by the Netherlands shows that at least 11,050 URLs were blocked in Turkey in 2021.

"While 1,593 of the blocked URLs contained news articles, a total of 49 news websites were banned during the monitoring period, some even more than once," the report said.

Montenegro is Turning a Blind Eye to The Disinformation War

In recent years, the world has witnessed an array of strategies and tactics for waging a "new cold war". Propaganda and disinformation are among the most important and powerful instruments in this war. Montenegro is vulnerable to these trends, as well as to the disinformation strategies and tactics imported from other countries.

Turcan: No discussion about raising retirement age and contribution period, we reject amateurism of some politicians

Minister of Labor Raluca Turcan declared on Tuesday that the increase of the retirement age has not been discussed and "it is absurd" to circulate the idea of 'the increase of the 15-year minimum contribution period, mentioning that she rejects any speculations in this sense, and "the amateurism of some politicians, who either use working documents or follow the old technique of disinformation. Joins Fight to Reveal Matryoshka of Liars

"You can produce a piece of fake news in five minutes, but it takes a few hours or a few days to debunk it." Exposing disinformation and misinformation is a difficult task that requires "meticulous, investigative, time-consuming work," and requires it be presented "without boring [audiences] and without spreading propaganda yourself," Voicu elaborates.