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Minister says Covid pass introduced to restrain epidemic not enforce vaccination

Maribor – Health Minister Janez Poklukar said in an interview with the newspaper Večer that the expansion of the Covid pass requirement had been introduced to put the epidemic under control not to force anyone to get vaccinated. He said hospitals would soon need to restrict access to their services due to rising Covid-19 hospitalisations.

COVID-19 vaccination certificates to be requested depending on pandemic developments

Health Minister Ioana Mihaila said on Monday that there are talks among officials of the Ministry of Health, the Department for Emergency Situations (DSU) and the National Public Health Institute (INSP) on making the access to crowded enclosed spaces conditional on holding a COVID-19 vaccination certificate, as well as the action to be taken if the number of infections increases significantly a

Greece Introduces Additional COVID-19 Test for Arrivers from Bulgaria

Greece is introducing an additional coronavirus test for those arriving from Bulgaria who have not been vaccinated and have not been ill, and a mandatory PCR or Rapid test will be performed at the respective border crossing point upon entering the country. According to Bulgaria's embassy in Athens, if the test is positive, the citizens will be placed under a 10-day quarantine.

Entering North Macedonia will Require Vaccination Certificate Starting September 1

From September 1, local and foreign citizens will be able to enter the territory of the Republic of North Macedonia with either a certificate that they have received at least two doses of vaccine against COVID-19, a certificate that they have contracted the virus in the last 45 days or a negative PCR test., made 72 hours before entering the country.

New Requirements for Bulgarians Traveling to Spain

New requirements for Bulgarians traveling to Spain come into force today. Our compatriots will now have to present a COVID-19 test, a vaccination certificate or a document that they have suffered.

However, the measure does not apply to passengers coming from Northwestern Bulgaria, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Slovenia is now on England’s green travel list

London – Late on Wednesday, the British government updated its entry requirements and placed several countries, including Slovenia, on the green list. As of Sunday morning, travellers from Slovenia will only need a negative Covid test to enter England, regardless of the person’s vaccination status, foreign news agencies report.

Vaccination Consultant: Have a Jab before It Is Too Late

The last Covid-free month has elapsed. 393 new cases of infection were registered this morning. There are 20 days before the number of new infections rises considerably. It is highly recommendable that people get vaccinated within these 20 days, advised Prof. Todor Kantardzhiev, consultant on vaccination process with Sofia city council.

Arrivals to UK from US and EU Exempt from Quarantine, PCR Tests

UK introduced new rules related to arrivals from different countries. As of 1 August all vaccinated arrivals from US and EU excluding France may enter UK without quarantine which was mandatory until now, BBC elaborated. The UK government confirmed that the change will help to reunite family and friends whose loved ones live abroad.