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Voiculescu: Romania will be affected by slowdown in vaccine deliveries; we have reserve, campaign continues

Health Minister Vlad Voiculescu said on Friday that Romania will also be affected by the slowdown in the delivery of anti-COVID vaccine doses by the producer Pfizer, but the vaccination campaign will continue, considering that our country has a reserve of doses. "Romania will also be affected, deliveries will be reduced in the next three weeks.

Pfizer reduces vaccine deliveries to Europe

Delivery will be reduced until biotechnology firm BioNTech increases its production capacity.
"This temporary reduction will affect all European countries," the Institute said in a statement.
They also state that they expected to receive 43.875 doses of vaccines from Pfizer next week, but that, in all likelihood, they will now receive 36.075 doses.

J&J likely to seek EU approval for Covid-19 vaccine in February, says lawmaker

US firm Johnson & Johnson is likely to apply for EU approval for its Covid-19 vaccine candidate in February, a top lawmaker said on Wednesday.

Clinical data of the vaccine, which Johnson & Johnson is developing through its subsidiary Janssen, have been assessed by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) since Dec. 1 under a rolling review to speed up possible approval.

Bulgarian Professor: Vaccinated Should Be Very Careful Between First and Second Shot

After the first dose of COVID-19 vaccine and before the second dose, the immunized should be protected from re-infection.

This is what Prof. Radka Argirova, President of the Bulgarian Society of Medical Virology, commented this week on the TV + and TV1.

Moderna Inc’s Covid-19 vaccine arrives in Greece

Greece has received the first batch of coronavirus vaccines developed by Moderna Inc.

Coming on top of ongoing distribution of Pfizer-BioNTech shots, the country received the first 8,000 doses of the vaccine, approved for use by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) last week, and expects a total of 20,000 doses to be delivered by the end of January.

Health Economics Expert: Covid-19 Vaccines Should Be Available on Free Market in Bulgaria

"According to information from the Ministry of Health, 1.5 million dozes have been requested of the first two vaccines - Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna - to be supplied by the end of the year, which is enough for about 10 percent of the population in Bulgaria," told BNR Arkadi Sharkov, health economist from the Expert Club for Economics and Politics (EKIP).