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Bulgarian Rose Growers Destroy Plantations of Rosa Damascena in Protest

Rose growers in Karlovo region, central Bulgaria, staged a protest this morning to alert that the sector is in a severe crisis. Oil-bearing Rosa Damascena thrives best in our country - this is the reason why this product is so expensive, but it is very difficult to cultivate.

Three Cannabis Growing Greenhouses Outfitted with High-Tech Equipment Busted in Sofia

Police has busted three high-tech outfitted greenhouses for cultivating cannabis in a former industrial building in Nova Mahala locality in Sofia Vrazhdebna district. This happened during a special police operation.

Five people were also detained in the raid - all with criminal records, two of them previously convicted.

Over Third of Rose Plantations in Bulgaria Could Remain Unharvested

At least 40% of the rose fields in our country this year may remain unharvested.

If this happens, already in the autumn some of the traditional growers of oil-bearing roses will destroy their plantations.

This was predicted by representative of the Association of Rose Producers on the Bulgarian National Radio. The reasons are low purchasing prices and lack of markets.

Exports of medical cannabis forseen in new bill

A bill that seeks to reform the framework for the production and export of medical cannabis was presented to the cabinet on Thursday by Development Minister Adonis Georgiadis.

The bill facilitates the export of medical cannabis products, adhering to the same procedures that apply to generic medicinal products produced in Greece.