Medicine in China

Several Italian, French resident physicians are helping Arad County Hospital during COVID-19 epidemic

Several foreign resident physicians, Italian, French but also from other countries are working at the County Clinical Hospital (SCJU) in western Arad, during the coronavirus epidemic, some being Italians, even from the seriously affected areas. by COVID-19, who chose to care for patients admitted to the Arad hospital.

Wages of Bulgarian Nurses will be Tied to Doctors'

The Bulgarian Medical Association and the Health Insurance Fund have signed National Framework Agreement for 2020 - 2022. According to it, at least 50% of revenues of the medical establishments will go for salaries. The step was made by Healthcare Minister Kiril Ananiev in talks with protesting nurses. The new rule would also apply to private hospitals.

Family doctor scheme far from off the ground

A "family doctor" scheme that the EOPYY national healthcare fund has been trying to set up is far from getting off the ground, Kathimerini understands. 

Since mid-June, all prescriptions for medicine or health tests have been accompanied by a Health Ministry note asking citizens to register with their local "family doctor." 

Greece busts cancer drug theft gang, 21 arrests include doctors

Greece has broken up a criminal gang that stole cancer drugs from hospitals and smuggled them to other European countries for resale at a premium, potentially depriving patients of life-saving medicine, police said on Friday.

Twenty-one people aged between 22 and 70 have been arrested, among them doctors and nurses, according to the police.

Turkish medicinal research assistants unhappy about being unable to work with academics

Turkey's Higher Education Board (YÖK) released a report revealing the working conditions of research assistants at the universities' medical faculties, indicating that 15.4 percent of the assistants "almost never" work with academics, whereas 3.9 percent "never" work with academics.