Cannabis haul in Igoumenitsa

Two people were arrested in the town of Igoumenitsa, Western Greece for the possession of 67 kilograms of raw cannabis contained in packages in their car.

They were nabbed on Sunday after police officers spotted what they deemed to be a suspicious car in the town and hailed it down for an inspection.

They found 45 packages of raw cannabis, weighing a total of 66.98 kilograms.

Livestock markets closed as foot-and-mouth disease spreads

Livestock markets in the provinces of Samsun, Denizli, Diyarbakır and Siirt have been closed as a precautionary measure due to the spread of the SAT-2 serotype foot-and-mouth disease of cattle in Türkiye.

Foot and mouth disease is once again on the agenda of Türkiye, deeply affecting the livestock industry.

Experts sound alarm over lurking kidney disease

Around 10% of Greece's adult population suffers from some form of kidney disease, with 10% of that contingent having a serious problem that may have been averted at an earlier stage, the Hellenic Society of Nephrology (ENE) said on Thursday - World Kidney Day - urging greater awareness and more thorough preventive testing.

Ministry issues warning over mosquito-borne diseases

The Health Ministry has issued an announcement drawing the public's attention to mosquitoes that transmit dengue fever and the Zika and Chikungunya viruses.

The ministry has sent a circular to all health authorities in the country to take emergency measures to combat mosquitoes, especially within environments with potential mosquito breeding sites (ponds, greenery etc). 

Bulgaria: Huge Number of People Infected with COVID-19 in a Home for the Elderly in Dobrich

An explosion of people infected with COVID-19 has been detected in the Home for Old People in Dobrich. The positives for coronavirus infection are among both users and staff.

The necessary anti-epidemic measures have been taken to limit the spread of the infection.

47 cases of the infection have been established so far. Four are positive from the staff.

Bulgaria: A Nurse was Stabbed in Sofia by a 70-year-old Man - She is in Stable Condition

There is no danger to the life of the nurse who was attacked with a knife at her workplace yesterday. She is in a stable condition and has been placed in the intensive care unit of the hospital, where she will stay for another day or two, reports the "Tsaritsa Ioana" hospital, where she was admitted.