Slovenians opt increasingly for organ donations

A record number of Slovenians registered to become posthumous organ donors last year. As many as 2,011 entered their name in the national registry, which now has 13,498 donors registered.

Most of the donors who registered last year were between 19 and 28 years old, a report from Slovenija-Transplant reveals. Some 80% of the newly registered donors registered via e-mail.

The Situation with the Availability of Antibiotics in Pharmacies in Bulgaria is Gradually Normalizing

The situation with the availability of antibiotics in pharmacies is gradually normalizing. A large number of the missing drugs were found in bulk warehouses. This was reported to the Bulgarian National Radio by Nikolay Kostov from the Union of Pharmacy Owners. The problem remains with the lack of several types of insulin and other medications for people with diabetes.

Bulgaria: Flu Epidemic has been announced in the Lovech, Pazardzhik and Gabrovo regions

In connection with the increase in the incidence of acute respiratory diseases and influenza in the territory of the Lovech, Pazardzhik and Gabrovo regions, a flu epidemic has been declared, and temporary anti-epidemic measures are being introduced for the period from January 18 to 24.

Kids lining up at hospitals

Ιn what has been described as an unprecedented phenomenon of the last 30 years, doctors are reporting the simultaneous increase and appearance of four to five respiratory viruses in children, including influenza, Covid-19 and RSV. 

Bulgaria: Flu Epidemic in Stara Zagora Region from January 17

The Regional Health Inspectorate in Stara Zagora expects the incidence of influenza and acute respiratory diseases (ARIs) to exceed 330 per 10,000 people in the coming week and suggested to the members of the Regional Influenza Control Staff that an epidemic be declared for the period January 17-23 incl.