Greek Parliament approves Igoumenitsa, Thessaloniki port bills

The Greek Parliament's plenary debated and approved two ratification bills on Tuesday evening, one for the port of Igoumenitsa in western Greece and one amending the concession for the port of Thessaloniki.

Both ratification bills were included in a bill by the Ministry of Shipping and Island Policy.

Woman killed by train in Thessaloniki

A woman died on Monday morning after being hit by a commercial train near the Thessaloniki Police Headquarters in the area of Menemeni, state-run news agency AMNA reported.

The police is looking into the case while authorities are waiting for the train driver's statement to determine he circumstances of the accident.

Costakis Collection | Thessaloniki | To November 12

The Thessaloniki Museum of Modern Art has taken over the Moni Lazariston venue with an exhibition of pieces from its famed Costakis Collection of Russian avant-garde art - arguably one of the best of its kind in the world. "50+1 Stories" goes back to the Greek collector's archives to explore the entire era and how it was expressed in different forms of art.

Helping kids to cultivate a head for business at school

A distinction at the recent pan-European Junior Achievement (JA) competition for young entrepreneurship by a team calling itself Isometricks that developed a fun and education brain game, has shone a spotlight on the work of the University of Macedonia's Experimental Junior High School in Thessaloniki, northern Greece.

Fire breaks out near Thessaloniki

A fire was reported in an agricultural and wooded area in the wider region of the northern port city of Thessaloniki on Thursday.

According to the announcement made by the Hellenic Fire Service, the fire is not threatening any settlements. There are 33 firefighters, nine vehicles and one helicopter on scene to tackle the blaze.