Mediterranean Region, Turkey

Turkish museums host nearly 9 mln visitors in 2020 despite virus

More than 8.91 million people visited Turkish museums and archaeological sites in 2020, despite the negative effects of the coronavirus outbreak.

The sites have an important role in the context of protecting cultural heritage, transferring it to future generations and generating a collective memory.

Museum takes visitors back to Anatolian history

A museum in Turkey's south sheds light on different periods of Anatolian history, taking visitors on a journey through time.

Located in the Mediterranean province of Antalya's city center and known as one of the most significant archaeology museums of the world, Antalya Museum stands out with its treasures and sculptures from different periods.

Friends make barbeque on boat due to virus restrictions on land

Three friends made barbeques on a boat while cruising on the Seyhan Dam Lake in the southern province of Adana due to the coronavirus measures imposed in the nearby picnic area, disallowing to have barbeques.

According to Demirören News Agency, three friends, whose identities are unknown, came to the picnic area near the Seyhan Dam Lake to make a barbecue.