Mediterranean Region, Turkey

Turkish couple sets sail for world tour with catamaran

A Turkish couple has started a five-year-long world tour with their catamaran on April 10, with local officials bidding farewell to them in a small ceremony in the southern province of Antalya.

Özlem and Özkan Şahin got married in the province's Finike district in 2014 and have been living in their catamaran since then.

Magnitude 5.1 earthquake strikes Mediterranean Sea

A magnitude 5.1 earthquake struck in the Mediterranean Sea off Cyprus on Feb. 3, Turkey's disaster management agency AFAD reported.

The quake took place at 00:03 a.m. local time (2103 GMT) about 136 kilometers (84.5 miles) off Antalya province, according to AFAD.

It occurred at a depth of 13.20 kilometers (8.20 miles) below the surface, it added.

Thousands gather to see camels wrestling in Mediterranean town

Thousands of people came together to watch a camel wrestling festival held after 29 years of hiatus in Turkey's Mediterranean province of Antalya.

Despite the chilling weather, more than 100 camels, their owners and spectators from the neighboring provinces and towns attended the event.

Turkish province Hatay’s mosaics on display abroad

Some 200 mosaics unearthed in the southern province of Hatay during archaeological excavations conducted by a commission set up before 1939, the year when the city joined the Turkish Republic, are exhibited abroad, as the artifacts found were shared among the commission members, says Hatice Pamir from Mustafa Kemal University's Archaeology Department.

‘Operation Fortune’ releases first trailer

The first trailer of Guy Ritchie's film "Operation Fortune," some scenes of which were shot in the southern Turkish province of Antalya, has been released. The film stars Jason Statham.

Previously known as "Five Eyes," the name of the international spy thriller film was changed to "Operation Fortune" in the past months.