Mediterranean Sea

Israel offers belated ‘solidarity’ with Greece amid East Med tension

Israel has expressed its solidarity with Greece amid a sharp increase in tensions with Turkey in the Eastern Mediterranean region.

"Israel is cautiously monitoring the increase in tension in the Eastern Mediterranean," the country's embassy in Athens said in a statement posted on Twitter on Wednesday morning.

Greece opens fire at civilian boat in Aegean Sea

Greece opened fire at a boat carrying civilians off the island of Rhodes in the Aegean Sea, said the Turkish Coast Guard Command on Aug. 11. 

In a statement, the command said two Turkish and one Syrian nationals were injured and the boat sank due to the attack.

It said the attack took place 0040GMT in the Greek waters, 7.2 nautical miles from Turkey's Mugla province.

Turkey, Italy conduct joint drill in Mediterranean

Italian and Turkish submarines conducted a joint maritime drill in the Mediterranean, said Turkey's Defense Ministry on June 15. 

In a tweet, the ministry said the two navies have the most effective submarine force in the Mediterranean Sea and will continue to improve the interoperability with maritime training.

Global warming changes biodiversity of Mediterranean Sea

Local fish population has been declining in the Mediterranean Sea, while tropical species migrating from the Suez Canal and the Indian Ocean have been on the rise, according to a Turkish marine scientist.

The migration continues rapidly, and global warming is one of the reasons triggering the migration movements, said Mehmet Gökoğlu from Akdeniz University.

New monograph for US foreign policy in Eastern Mediterranean

For reasons that had to do with the fact that the newly born nation had to primarily fight against naval isolation, the US developed a close connection with the Eastern Mediterranean from the early days of its existence. In fact, the first international conflict that the US Marines got involved in was that on the "shores of Tripoli" during the First Barbary War of 1801-05.