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Qatargate: Kaili’s phone call to MEP Arena – Precarious ties

The main article of French daily Le Soir focuses on the Belgian MEP Marie Arena, in the investigation it is conducting on Qatargate. The MEP who belongs to the Socialist group has been in the press on other occasions for her possible involvement in the Qatargate scandal, however she is not included among the MEPs for whom the lifting of immunity was requested.

Two MEPs Insulted Bulgaria and Romania at the Schengen debate

The EC hopes that the EU Council will take the historic decision in December.

Bulgaria and Romania fulfill all the criteria for joining Schengen. And for 11 years now. This was the joint position of the European Commission and all parties in the European Parliament, expressed during a debate in Strasbourg.

The EP has approved € 3.4 billion for countries that have accepted refugees from Ukraine

EU countries that have taken refuge from the Russian invasion of Ukraine will immediately receive 3.4 billion euros, MEPs in Strasbourg have decided.

At its session, the European Parliament gave the green light to redirect EU funds for regional development and asylum to member states sheltering Ukrainian refugees. MEPs have now adopted additional emergency measures to support them.

MEPs: New EU sanctions against Russia will affect Bulgaria as well

Members of the European Parliament from the European People's Party Andrey Kovatchev and from "Renew Europe" Ilhan Kyuchyuk believe that the fifth package of EU sanctions against Russia, which is being prepared, will negatively affect Bulgaria as well.

Andrey Kovachev from the EPP thinks this is inevitable.

European Parliament to vote on Slovenia rule of law resolution Thursday

Strasbourg – The European Parliament will take a vote on a resolution on fundamental rights and rule of law in Slovenia at the plenary session in Strasbourg on Thursday. If they support it, MEPs will express deep concern over deep polarisation in the country and call on prominent public figures and politicians to ensure a respectful and civilised public debate.

European Parliament to vote on Slovenia resolution next week

Strasbourg – The European Parliament will take a vote on a resolution on the rule of law and fundamental rights in Slovenia at the plenary session in Strasbourg next Thursday, follows from the agenda endorsed by the parliament’s leadership today. The draft resolution is not available yet as the deadline for its submission has been moved from today to Friday.

Ceremony marking Slovenia’s 30 years held in Brussels

Brussels – A short ceremony was held in Brussels on Wednesday to mark the 30th anniversary of Slovenia’s independence. Among the attendees were MEPs from Slovenia and both Slovenian ambassadors in Brussels. Officials pointed to the path Slovenia has walked in the 30 years and the challenges ahead, especially the EU presidency in the second half of the year.