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Brexit: MEPs are Concerned about Citizens' Rights

MEPs confirmed to Horizon the European Parliament's readiness to approve the Brexit Agreement on January 29th. This is expected to happen at a parliament session in Brussels.

The deal was approved by the British Parliament on January 10th. Under the terms of the agreement, Britain is due to leave the EU on January 31st.

PM Orban: I believe Romanian MEPs should coordinate standpoints to support the country's interests

AGERPRES special correspondent Dana Piciu reports: Prime Minister Ludovic Orban stated on Wednesday that at the European Parliament level all the representatives of Romania, regardless of the party they belong to, should have a very close dialogue and they should coordinate their standpoints in order to support the country's interests.

Hungary’s Varhelyi Cleared for EU Enlargement Post

Hungarian Oliver Varhelyi was cleared by the European Parliament as the bloc's new neighbourhood and enlargement commissioner on Monday, overcoming doubts among some MEPs about his ability to encourage and assess reform in aspiring member states in light of his own country's perceived backsliding on democracy.

Romanian MEP Adina Valean, accepted by EC's Ursula von der Leyen for European Commissioner

President-elect of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen on Wednesday decided that Romanian MEP Adina Valean would take over the transport portfolio in the future EU executive, after the same day Romania submitted two proposals for candidates for the position of European Commissioner.

MEPs Want Better Consumer Protection because of Thomas Cook's Bankruptcy

In a resolution adopted Thursday, MEPs expressed concern about the hundreds of thousands of blocked tourists (over 600,000), the thousands of jobs lost, the difficulties caused to small and medium-sized enterprises and the damage caused to the tourism sector by the bankruptcy of " Thomas Cook. "

EP: Russian Propaganda is the Main Source of Misinformation in Europe

MEPs warn that there is a danger of foreign interference in elections.
Russian propaganda is the main source of misinformation in Europe. This is said in a resolution adopted by a large majority of the European Parliament.

MEPs call for a vigorous strategy against Russian misinformation and warn that there is a danger of foreign interference in elections.