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The EU has Spared Turkey from being Blacklisted

Turkey has been spared from joining the EU's blacklist, diplomatic sources said, though it has failed to fulfill its commitments and Brussels is under pressure to handle the tensions with Ankara.

However, the 27 EU Member States will add the Cayman Islands, the first British overseas territory to join the Black List after Brexit.

European Commission Unveils Revised Enlargement Strategy

Balkan EU hopefuls on Wednesday welcomed the unveiling of a new proposed methodology for European enlargement on Wednesday in Brussels by Olivér Várhelyi.

The Enlargement Commissioner said that the revised accession process needed to be more credible, with a stronger political steer, more dynamic and more predictable.

EU diplomats to impose sanctions on two Turks over Cyprus EEZ drilling

European Union diplomats have agreed to impose sanctions against two Turkish nationals in response to Ankara's controversial search for hydrocarbons within Cyprus' exclusive economic zone, Bloomberg reported on Tuesday, citing two officials who did not want to be named.

The beginning of Brexit

At the stroke of midnight in Brussels, Britain will officially leave the European Union, setting off negotiations in which London will seek to gain as many benefits as it can from the Union. At the same time, it will work toward bilateral agreements with EU member-states and countries outside the bloc.