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Croatia Presidential Candidates Talk Tough on Serbia

Incumbent president Ivo Josipovic, who is supported by centre-left government parties, and his challenger Kolida Grabar Kitarovic, the candidate of the centre-right opposition Croatian Democratic Union, both had words of warning for EU hopeful Serbia during the debate on Nova TV on Thursday evening.

Paris Terror Attack Victims Mourned in Balkans

In Serbia, local people including journalists spontaneously gathered on Wednesday night in front of the French embassy in Belgrade to honour the staff of Charlie Hebdo - the satirical magazine at the centre of the bloodbath in Paris.

About 40 people lighted candles paying respect to the 12 victims of the attack who included eight journalists and two policemen.

Serbian Church Joins Battle for TV Ratings

The Serbian Orthodox Churc's new TV station, TV Hram (Temple) starts broadcasting on Orthodox Christmas, January 7.

The first programme on the online station will be an interview with Church leader Patriarch Irinej.

The managing editor of the station is Stojadin Pavlovic, the director of the patriarchal administrative offices.

Lithuania Joins Eurozone

Lithuania joined the eurozone Thursday, becoming its 19th member.

Starting January 1, Lithuanians can swap their old currency, litas (LTL), in exchange for euros (EUR).

The exchange rate is set at 1 EUR = 3.45280 LTL.

Serbia pays first gas debt installment to Russia

Serbia pays first gas debt installment to Russia

BELGRADE -- Serbia has paid the first installment of its gas debt to Russia, thus honoring an agreement reached in November.

Serbia paid USD 100 million, settling one half of the debt owed to Russia for natural gas delivered in the past, the daily Vecernje Novosti said it learned from the government.