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Basescu asks for Gov't strategy for Black Sea gas transit to be made via Transgaz

President Traian Basescu called on the Government during a meeting of the Romanian Supreme Defence Council (CSAT) on Tuesday to find a strategy that it should also turn into law by which the transit of the natural gas to be drilled for in the Black Sea be made via Romanian gas transporter Transgaz, the Presidential Administration said in a press release.


Miscalculating the capabilities, resources or probable course of action of their opponents can pose serious difficulties for a political leader. While trying to make the best use of an opportunity, a political leader may become cornered by their mistakes or failed undertakings.

Albanian provocation ahead of Greece-Serbia match?

BELGRADE - A series of Albanian provocations has continued ahead of the recent Greece vs. Serbia football friendly in Chania, when one of the boys who accompanied the players onto the pitch crossed his hands over his chest, in a gesture symbolizing the double-headed eagle depicted on the flag of Albania, during the sounding of the Serbian anthem.

Nikolic, Szijjarto: Bilateral cooperation greatly improved

BELGRADE - The cooperation between Serbia and Hungary has improved significantly, which is best reflected by the fact that the two countries achieved a record level of trade last year, Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic and Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Peter Szijjarto said in Belgrade on Thursday.