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Jaklitsch stress importance of sport for minorities’ identity

Szentgotthard – Minister for Slovenians Abroad Helena Jaklitsch attended a traditional meeting of Slovenian sport organisations from the neighbouring countries in Hungary’s Szentgotthárd on Saturday. The minister emphasised the importance of sport in preserving the Slovenian identity in the neighbouring countries.

Turkey condemns Greece's maritime jurisdiction say on defense deal with France

The 63rd round of the consultative talks between Turkey and Greece will take place in Ankara on Oct. 6, Foreign Ministry said in a written statement on Oct. 1.

The statement came on the same day when Turkey condemned a statement by Greece about the maritime jurisdiction regarding the Greek-French defense deal.

Normal Ankara-Yerevan ties impossible without Baku: Op-ed

Rumors of a breakthrough in Turkish-Armenian relations have no basis in fact. Turkey and Armenia cannot undertake a normalization of their relations without including Azerbaijan. Stability and security in the South Caucasus require a three-way dialogue between Turkey-Armenia-Azerbaijan and for Armenia to give up its fantasies of a Greater Armenia.