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Turkish Foreign Ministry: Greek claims about Pontic Genocide ‘provocative’

Turkey's Foreign Ministry has accused "certain politicians in Greece" of "distorting historical data" for making references to the Pontian Genocide.

In a statement, it said the claims of a genocide are based on "baseless claims … from some radical groups against Turkish history [that] fuel hostility towards Turkey."

Cegeka bureau opens in Athens

Greece is becoming the fourth country in the European Distribution Center network of Cegeka, the Belgium-based European information and communication technology (ICT) service provider, with the opening of a bureau in Athens, following those in Romania, Moldova and the Czech Republic. 

Türkiye to consider Sweden’s NATO bid after terror laws take effect

Türkiye will consider paving the way for the NATO membership of Sweden after the Nordic country adopts its anti-terror law in June, Presidential Spokesperson İbrahim Kalın told reporters.

Announcing the book "Presidential Policy Committees Activities and Goals," Kalın said the next tripartite meeting of Finland, Sweden and Türkiye will be held in June.

A push to resolve Greek-Turkish disputes after upcoming elections?

Last week at the Delphi Economic Forum we heard Greece's main western partners - notably the US and Germany - hint that there will be a push to resolve long-standing Greek-Turkish disputes after the upcoming elections. At the same time, the Forum looked at the significance of the 3+1 partnership between Greece, Cyprus, Israel, and the US.