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War of words between Ankara, Athens as Turkish provocations at Evros border continue

With  tear-gas toting migrants throwing gases supplied by Ankara and using a Turkish armoured vehicle to tear down the wire fences Greece has set up at the borders and Greek police and military forces deployed on the Greek side of the Greek-Turkish border using tear gas to fend off constant attempts of migrants to cross the border, the Greek foreigtn ministry issued a stern response to Ankara's

Further restrictions to travel; cruise ships banned

Greece has decided to close its borders with Albania and North Macedonia, with some exceptions, stop flights to and from Spain and end passenger ship service to Italy.

Also, cruise ships will no longer be allowed at Greek ports.

Greek citizens, as well as permanent residence of Greece, will still be allowed to cross from Albania and North Macedonia.

MAE: Romania will deliver medicines to R. Moldova, in COVID-19 context

The Foreign Affairs Ministry (MAE) and the Health Ministry (MS) inform that the Romanian authorities will respond to the request addressed by the Republic of Moldova on diplomatic channels on the authorisation of the delivery of some medicines that can be purchased from Romania, for ensuring the public medical-sanitary institutions of the Republic of Moldova with the necessary medicines, in the

Hungary’s Green Fund for Western Balkans a ‘Win-Win’

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Balkan Countries Fear EU Green Deal Could Leave Them Further Behind

Green Dreams Splutter in Central and Southeast Europe

The Western Balkans Green Centre will initially make available around 1.2 million euros to drive green investments in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Serbia.

Turkish minister attacks Greece, EU with Auschwitz comparison

Turkey's deputy Foreign Minister Yavuz Selim Kiran has criticized Greece and the European Union over the situation at the Evros border, going as far as to compare the alleged treatment of migrants seeking to cross the frontier with conditions prevailing at Nazi death camps at Auschwitz.