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CIA Report: Bulgaria Ranks 11th in Fastest Shrinking Nations Globally

Bulgaria has been identified as the 11th fastest shrinking nation globally and the 25th highest aging nation, according to a recent CIA report cited by Nova TV. The United Nations has corroborated these findings, highlighting the overall fertility rate as a key indicator. Europe's rate stands at 1.5, falling short of the 2.1-point threshold necessary to maintain population stability.

Greece lags in EU for internet speed

Greece lags in the EU in terms of internet speed, despite the significant investments that have been made in recent years, according to Eurostat data for 2023.

The country comes last (with only 2.9%) In terms of the ranking of countries with the highest percentage of enterprises with "fast" connections, according to Eurostat data for 2023.

Survey: Athens Europe’s worst city for remote working

Greek social media is up in arms after a Forbes Magazine article ranked Athens as the worst European city for remote working. The article was based on a survey by a British technology services company, Brother UK, which looked at which are the best and worst cities for remote working in Europe.

Bulgarian Finance Minister Denies Correlation Between Tax Checks on Austrian Companies and Vienna's Schengen Rejection

The Finance Minister, Assen Vassilev, refuted any connection between ongoing tax inspections at numerous Austrian companies and Austria's recent rejection of Bulgaria's Schengen accession. Vassilev clarified that the inspections involving a large Austrian food chain and a petrol station were part of regular fiscal risk assessments mandated by the goods declaration regulation.