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Baltic states stop Russian gas imports     

The head of Latvia's natural gas storage operator has said the Baltic states were no longer importing Russian natural gas.    

"If there were still any doubts about whether there may be any trust in deliveries from Russia, current events clearly show us that there is no more trust," said Uldis Bariss, CEO of Conexus Baltic Grid on April 2.    

Russian envoy summoned to foreign ministry after 10 ethnic Greeks killed in Russian bombings

Russian ambassador to Athens Andrey Maslov has been summoned to the Greek foreign ministry tomorrow after the killing of 10 ethnic Greeks and the injury of six more in Russian bombings in Eastern Ukraine.

Six were killed in the village of Santana and four others in the village of Bugas.

Unconvinced by Democracy: Czechs Nostalgic for Communist Past, Slovaks Even More So

"The evaluation of the previous regime as better is the result of a comparison with the present, which can be a source of dissatisfaction for some, so much so that they come to believe life was better under the previous regime," said Bohumil Búzik, a sociologist at the Slovak Academy of Sciences.

Message to Ankara from Greece, Egypt and Cyprus – What will be discussed at the tripartite summit

In the wake of Greece's defense agreements with France and the United States, the 9th Greece-Egypt-Cyprus Tripartite Summit is taking place today, Tuesday, in Athens, at which key regional policy issues are on the table, focusing on developments in the Eastern Mediterranean. the Cyprus issue and Libya, as well as the dynamics of cooperation having as a spearhead the energy sector.