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A potential miracle

There are few places in the world that combine unparalleled natural beauty with a rich history that dates back to antiquity as Greece does and it’s this rare attribute that attracts millions of visitors to the country every year.

Bulgaria Is Romanian Tourists' All Inclusive Paradise

Vacations in Bulgaria are still most preferred by Romanians, writes the Romanian daily Adevarul. 

The main attractions are the cheap, traditional and pleasant holidays. “This is why the trend to go to the all inclusive paradise – the Bulgarian coast – continues this year,” says the newspaper. 

Balkan Women Among World Top Beauties

The most beautiful women in the world live in Romania, Bulgaria, Estonia, Russia, and Colombia, according to a recent survey.

Bulgarian women are among the leaders in the rating divided into five categories according to female attractiveness with 15 out of 17 points. Central and Western Europeans as well as Americans have been voted less attractive.