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The Turkaegean ‘Waterloo’ and the deep sleep of competent authorities

By Vasilis Kanellis

No one can pretend that they did not know, as there were already 'Turkaegean' ads last year.

Apologies, resignations, and even sackings, when necessary, should be par for the course in politics.

After securing gains at NATO summit, Erdogan resumes hostile rhetoric against Greece

Bulgarian Ex-Minister: The Whole World Knows that We Export Weapons to Ukraine

"Obviously, the war in Ukraine has sunk into the tracks and will be a long event. The question is what can be done to prevent such tensions from recurring."

This was said to BNR by Ivailo Kalfin, former Deputy Prime Minister, former Foreign and Social Minister and former MEP. He is currently the Executive Director of Eurofound.

Day 121 of the Invasion of Ukraine: Kyiv Withdraws from Sievierodonetsk, EU Candidate Status Granted

Here are the highlights of events related to the war in Ukraine over the past 24 hours:

The Council of the EU has approved Ukraine and Moldova receiving candidate status

Yesterday, the Council of the European Union approved Ukraine and Moldova receiving candidate status.

This was announced on Twitter by the President of the Council Charles Michel.

"This is your European Duty": Macron urges Bulgaria to Support the Veto Compromise on North Macedonia

On Thursday night, French President Emmanuel Macron called on Bulgarian politicians "from across the political spectrum" to support a compromise proposed by France that would allow the lifting of Bulgaria's veto over the start of membership talks with North Macedonia.

Bulgarian President: The French Proposal for North Macedonia is the Best and Fairest so far

"The proposals of the French Presidency are the best so far, I'm not just talking about Bulgaria - they are the fairest. (...) Let it be clear: we really have progress for a change in the constitution of North Macedonia and the entry of Bulgarians into the document, which I have been insisting on for a long time. It is already accepted for this to happen".