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The uncertain future of the historic Greek population in Turkey

Over the past few years it seems that the island of Imvros, a Turkish island in the Aegean Sea with a historic Greek population, is experiencing what's been described by some as a small Greek renaissance, as some descendants of the Greeks who were largely displaced in the 1960s have begun trickling back.

Greek authorities report hundreds of migrant arrivals on islands over the past three days

More than 300 migrants have arrived on Greek islands, most near the Turkish coast, over the past three days in separate incidents reported by the coast guard.

On Thursday, the coast guard said authorities had found 107 people the previous day on the islands of Samos, Mykonos and the tiny island of Ro, which lies in the Mediterranean off the southern coast of Turkey.

Coast guard rescues 90 migrants off Amorgos

Ninety migrants have been evacuated by coast guard from a vessel that was spotted at dawn 10 nautical miles southeast of the Cycladic island of Amorgos.

It is understood that a passenger on the sailboat called the 112 emergency number to say the vessel was in difficulty.

Two coast guard and two private vessels made their way to the location, where force 5 winds were blowing.