Mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic

Students worry about their life after pandemic, report says

Nearly half of Turkish students have difficulty focusing on online classes, while a significant part of them have started to worry about their future during the pandemic, according to a COVID-19 impact report.

A study prepared by the Tüvana Education Foundation for Children Willing to Study (TOÇEV) revealed how the COVID-19 pandemic affected the education system in Turkey.

Covid-19 Pandemic Exposes People to Serious Mental Health Risk

Besides other risks, the Covid-19 pandemic also has a serious impact on people's mental health, whether or not they have had the coronavirus infection. According to psychiatrists, severe depressive disorders have increased by 25% since the beginning of the pandemic, and every second person has trouble sleeping.

Survey indicates signs of pandemic fatigue showing in Slovenia

Ljubljana – A survey has found that signs of pandemic fatigue are already showing in Slovenia, and that it is becoming difficult for the people to follow the numerous restrictions and recommendations. The share of people who would get vaccinated is the highest so far, while young people are more sceptical about vaccines than older residents.